Monday, May 23, 2016

The Silly Things

So, last night we were watching the Oklahoma City Thunder tromp Golden State. How cool was that!!!

Anyway, it was the regulars: Me, Al and Carly. I know she doesn't look it, but truly, she is the happiest of all cats.
Anyway, she was sitting in Al's lap. See? Al's even wearing his Oklahoma City Thunder playoff T-shirt from the last game we went to...
Anyway (again), I laughed and said she doesn't even care about basketball. And, he said. You don't know that! She could be so sophisticated that she knows exactly what basketball is as a (and I quote this) See? "A superior being".

Hmmm. Granted, she is intelligent, demanding, standoffish and, at times, loving. But, a superior being? I know she believes she is superior, but I don't know.... what do you think? Never mind, never mind. I agree. She is superior.

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