Friday, April 24, 2009

On adding a little romance: For Men

Romance writing is not just about romance. It’s about adventure, whether action or emotional. The only guarantee women have when they read romance is the happy ending.
You want to know what a woman desires, craves, excites for….Just ask any woman who reads romance regardless of the cover of their book. Yes, men, just ask any woman who reads. That, my dear sir, is called Action!
This is my advice to you. If you feel your woman is not responding to what you consider your best efforts, then pick up a romance novel and read in plain English what she might really like. This does not include Penthouse forum. Though I guess it could if she is drunk.
Actually, it was not my intention to say this, it just sort of popped out. A little helpful advice if you will.
So the question is: Do you know where to kiss her? The place that causes her knees to collapse beneath her? It’s probably not where you think. Try her neck, or the inside of her wrist. It’s a start of course.
My plan on this blog is to Blog my writing adventures of travel to the different romance writing workshops and conferences. I’ll start with Atlanta, Deb Dixon’s Goal Motivation and Conflict next week.
In the meantime….keep reading romance. It makes life fun.

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