Monday, May 4, 2009

So You Think You Have It Covered? Goal Motivation Conflict

Deb Dixon's Goal Motivation and Conflict one day workshop is fabulous. When I first arrived at 7:30a on Saturday morning for breakfast, I was greeted by several members of the Greater Georgia Romance Writer's chapter. I felt somewhat concerned when I observed that only two rows of the at the front of the room, laid out in classroom style were occupied.
When Deb started the workshop and I stepped out for a “ladies room” moment, imagine my surprise when almost every table, another ten rows of twelve chairs, were filled to capacity. For the entire day.
She was terrific. I love her disclaimer: “If I talk to fast, feel free to try to slow me down. Well, you can try.”
She talked ninety miles an hour. The disclaimer was a good idea, but it didn't work. I had writer's cramp from all my notes. But, that's okay. I'm a writer, after all.
Anyway, I'm getting off-track.
Deb is publisher of Belle Books (
Her thorough approach to the complete story is incredible. What I grasped from her fast talk is that each character in your story needs their own story. A complete circle, if you will.
Based on the book, The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler, each CHARACTER has their own views, agenda's and learning curves in twelve easy steps (did I say easy? I was kidding).
Giving the story depth and believability.
She also lays out a handy little chart for each character outlining their Internal and External Goals, Motivations and Conflicts.
I think the underlying theme here is each character.
The best place to find Deb's book is for $19.95.
Her url:

On another note regarding my time in Atlanta: What a fabulous city. The natives and not-natives are very friendly and helpful. I stayed at a small hotel next door to the CNN Tower. The Glenn Hotel. While they were under construction, the staff was very friendly from the valet to the bartenders to the maid who cleaned my room.
I hope I have the opportunity to go back someday.
The Georgia Aquarium has a fantastic Beluga Whale exhibit. Next year they will have Dolphins. The Margaret Mitchell Museum is an interesting tour. She wrote Gone with the Wind. **sigh** Other things, I should probably keep to myself.....
Until next time.....arrivederci!

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