Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's talk specifics...

Well, now I’ve signed the contracts for Nose Job and Quotable, what do I do in the meantime….hmmm? Well, as it turns out, I have several other irons in the fire. One project, dear to my heart, and which I’d love to share (before edits start blindsiding me), is my current three book series, I’ve been working on for…uh…six years…

Writing in general is difficult, but if you ever find yourself standing in the bookstore, whether it is Barnes and Noble or Half-Priced books, consider this: How do they possibly decide what sub-category a story belongs in. Which brings me to the dilemma of “story placement.” Sometimes a book just does not fit in any one spot. Do I throw away all my hard work? Of course, not (by that I meant “hell no.”)

Remember that first manuscript I mentioned yesterday? The one that I completed that was thirteen thousand words? Yes, that’s the one. ’Twas my first book! Set in the latter portion of the 1700’s is The Shoe the Other Foot Fit. (By the by, ’tis now at fifty-five thousand words)

Oui, the title is odd (try saying it really fast three times), but, alas, I’ve called it that for so long, that my tongue no longer trips over the words.

My hope is to engage enough interest to drive a person to distraction. That distraction is in a three book Cinderella series that is fun, heartwarming, a teeny bit sensual and a whole lot of sweet. Don’t get me wrong—remember the evil stepmother? (in this case, the stepmamá)

Have I whet your l'appétit?

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