Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Writing Journey's Conversion

Six years ago this month began my journey writing romance. Yes, six years! To date, I have eight completed manuscripts. My very first story (I didn’t call it a book), was thirteen thousand words. And I knew nothing about writing. Nothing about POV….in fact, I didn’t know what POV was (FYI: Point of view). I knew nothing about characterization.

Regardless, I set my ass in the chair (or on the floor) every night and wrote. I am very good at tuning any and everything out. Soon, I’d completed my first “story”. I was elated. What did I do? I started the second one (one which will never see the light of day, in this lifetime). I could bore you with every detail, but I’ll try to refrain.

The process continued until, viola, (fast forward six years) and I now have eight. Did I ever enter contests (yes)? Or submit (yes)? Did I get rejects (a bunch)? But why am I telling you this? Because, most importantly, I finished what I started when I began this journey. And now, six years later, I am pleased to say I have signed contracts with two different publishers for two different books. My efforts are coming to fruition.

I will leave you with this—whatever your heart might desire, albeit writing fiction, memoirs, or music, the sense of accomplishment is akin to euphoric drugs (okay, I don’t know what that means, because I’ve never done drugs). But, to finish something is so incredible. And to have someone (read, buy, review????) validate one’s hard work, that took literally years, is insanely over-the-top, unbelievably cool.

Oh, and I’ll leave you with this, too: Nose Job from Wild Rose Press, thank you Nan Swanson (no release date yet—I’ll keep you posted). And, Quotable from Soul Mate Publishing (also, no release date, but not to worry…)

Good luck in your endeavors. Al Wheeler says, “The time is going to go by anyway. You might as well make it work in your favor.” (Thank you, honey.)


Callie said...

Hey Kathy,

Great journey. I didn't know about the SMP contract. Congrats. We have an SMP authors website. Did Char get you hooked up with it?

I'm very excited for you.

w/a Callie Hutton

Sharon Sala said...

Really proud of you Kathy. Your journey is proof that persistence pays off. And you're right, it isn't easy, but nothing worth having comes easy or we'd all be doing it.

Sharon Sala

Winona said...

Here I am Kathy adding a little OKRWA and lots of pride for you to the post. I loved it and I can relate, except for the contracts. Soon, very soon.

I truly want to thank you for this particular post about persistence. It is affirming and inspiring.

By the way, my Wild Okie novella is moving along and I will type "The End" soon. Your help made a real difference and moved me past the stuck phase. Hope to see you on the 19th.

Alicia Dean said...

Great post, Kathy. I'm so proud of you and I admire your persistence and hard work. Anyone who wants to write can NEVER, EVER give up. No matter what. No matter how many rejections or negative comments you receive. It will either happen or it won't, but if you're a writer, you will write. Regardless.

I'm thrilled for you and your recent successes. You've worked hard and deserve it. Enjoy!